What’s the difference really?

The story of each custom Serotta begins with you. The first step is to schedule a conversation so we can get to know you as a cyclist and understand what fuels your desire for a new Serotta.

Serotta is BACK !

Elevating cycling since 1972

After an 8-year hiatus, Serotta is back and ready to launch a new generation of spectacular bikes as befits our 40-year legacy.

Because nothing beats custom done right, just like you, each is an original.

We never tire of the vicarious thrill we get from sharing in the cycling experience of fellow cyclists. It’s a privilege having the opportunity to apply everything we know, from our deep knowledge of bicycle fitting, cycling science, material science, design, engineering and manufacturing and right down to personalized component selection to deliver a ride experience that is unmatched.

We are restless adventurers committed to delivering the extraordinary.

Doing the same thing over and over again has never been appealing to me. Why continue in sameness if there may be a better way? It's rarely easy, often uncomfortable, sometimes unpopular before it becomes a new norm, but there is always a better way. It’s a restless need to question the status quo, experiment, test, innovate. Across four decades Serotta catalyzed an industry-wide shift in bicycle material design and geometry, bicycle fit, the nuances of ride characteristics and personalized engineering. Today the push continues to redefine extraordinary, with new products and a fresh approach with our direct relationship with each customer. We believe quality human interaction simply yields a better result.